MY GOD What a puppy! He is really great! Everyone is doing good. No Accidents!!!!!! You did such a super job with him. He is so well adjusted . A REALLY wonderful little guy. Smarter than a whip and sweeter than sugar. Think I'm in love?!

Jori has a whole family now! See next pic. Thank you Mellody for giving such a wonderful home to all of the kids!

Sassy & Tatyana-Colorado
The family portrait: Sassy, Jori, Emily, Chancy, Tatyana. Everyone is doing really great. We go for a walk everyday. All the kids want to pet them. Both are doing great with the cat. Taty is doing great. Both are so sweet. Wished you could have seen the group this was like a heard of buffaloes running through the house. It's Chanzey and Sassy then Jori and Taty that's how its working out right now.
He's so funny, sweet, smart, energetic and rambunctious. He's been good as gold. Thank you again so much for bringing this wonderful little guy to us. He's precious.

Bridget has been a wonderful addition to the family and I couldn't have asked for a better dog! She has a sweet temperment and is very gentle, but also energetic and playful. We get a kick out of her and she is so funny at times. She and the cat have become best buddies too! They sit and play and groom each other! I have never seen that before. I have taught her sign language and she does well.
I continue to be glad we got Lewis from someone who really loves their animals for who they are and not a business event. Lewis is probably the most playful papillon I have had. He is just too adorable. Lewis continues to be a joy and doing great.
Miss Daisy-Montana
She is just a treat and such a good doggy. She has been a wonderful addition to our family and has attended bowling events and hockey games and so much more. She is just everything we dreamt of - THANK YOU!!!
Diamond Lilly-Nevada
She is a delight, we are so entertained with her antics. We love her to death. She is such a cutie. She plays ball very well, I bought her some little tennis balls, she will retrieve and bring them back to me. I tell her to "drop it" and she does.
Sisco is doing great! He is such a joy to have around. He has such a fun personality, loves to run and play but he is also a big sweetheart. He hasn't met anyone he doesn't like!
Everyone who meets him loves him and he in turn loves everyone he meets - but Andrew is definitely his special person. Remi has quite the circle of friends (human and canine) and admirers. Friends and family who have met him always ask about him when they call. He is sweet and loving and quite the little clown. Thank you so much for such a wonderful puppy!
She is a doll. She is a registered therepy dog now and visits thenursing homes, hospital etc. She "works" with me every dayand does lots of therepy in my job. Ruby is the greatest joy of my life and the sweetest dog in the world.

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