Sophie has gone blind THANK GOODNESS FOR STUART!! He is Sophie's seeing eye dog! When they go outside, Stuart stays right next to her. When it's time to come inside, he jumps at her nose and leads her all the way back to the door. We are so touched by this, and grateful to have Stuart with us. He is Sophie's angel.
We are really happy with Rufie - a very solid, strong, happy little dog. We are so glad you housebroke him the way you did. We took the toys he did not play with and put them on top of his crate. When we went to bed that night, Rufie went and took all the toys from the crate and put them back on our bed (now Rufie's bed).
Today was Lily's birthday and we had a small party for her. I think she was thrilled to have our attention all for herself for the whole day.
Cute as a button, loving, gentle...likes to sit and stay, go on walks, especially when he can be carried part of the way. He loves licking ears, sleeping, chasing Gracie, sleeping, squeeking toys, sleeping....Griffin on the right.
I took Christy in for her shots and had our vet do an evaluation on her. He said she was in "Excellent health" that her patellas were "Very Strong" and that her bite was "Perfect". Feel free to use us as a reference to pass on this information to any potential clients. Thanks for doing a great job as a breeder.
Delila with her big sister Lady Mary.
Tipper-New Jersey
I took her to work with me today, and everyone literally went wild over her. They all held her and took pictures. She was such a little doll. Just perfect. I couldn't of asked for a better puppy. Thank you again. She is all I ever dreamed of!

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