To be eligible for guarantee buyer must take pup in for vet check within 3 days of taking possession of pup. If pup has any major health issues during the guarantee period buyer must notify seller immediately and include seller in decision making process or guarantee is void.

Seller guarantees pup until 1(one) year of age against hereditary or congenital defects that seriously affect the life of the pup. In the event a defect should develop pup is to be returned to the seller at buyers expense and buyer will receive a replacement pup of equal value when one becomes available. Proof of up-to-date vet care (vaccinations and routine care) will be required. Seller is not responsible for vet care costs while in the possession of the buyer.

Puppy is guaranteed healthy for 14 days from the time of placement with buyer (from such things as distemper and parvo). Puppies are sold as pet quality with a spay/neuter contract unless otherwise specified. They are not guaranteed show quality or good breeders.


Avoid exposure to other dogs or places frequented by other dogs at least until all vaccines have been given.

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