The Papillon (Pappy-Yon) is called the "Butterfly Dog" because its fringed ears resemble butterfly wings. They are one of the oldest purebred toy dogs. Papillon stands out with their fringed ears, tail plume and silky long coat. They are known as easy keepers because they don't have an undercoat to shed or get matted as with most long haired breeds. These little guys don't require trimming and usually clean up with a brushing. They are generally white with patches of color especially over the eyes and ears. A white blaze is preferred but not essential. Their height is generally 8-12 inches and weight is usually 3-9 lbs. They are not usually finicky eaters but are also not prone to obesity. They are highly intelligent little dogs and extremely animated. This and the easy grooming makes them ideal for beginners to show in competitions. Their small size and minimal shedding aids in their popularity for apartments and therapy dogs. They are quite content to be a lap dog or the comedian of the household. These little ones are very willing to please and will thus adapt quite easily to what ever their families lifestyle is like.
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