GCH ET's Triump Tulipa Gabriella-"Gabby"
GCH ET's Triump Tulipa Gabriella
reg #: TS00443901

breeder: Tammy & Elton Fortney

owner: Tammy & Elton Fortney

whelped: 10/8/2010

color: White/Blk/Tan

sex: female

CH Loteki Denzel A Touch Of Frost SOD
CH Loteki Party Animal SOD
CH Loteki Paint The Town
CH Ken Mar Party On A Wave SOM
CH Ken Mar Oscar De La Renta SOM
CH Ken Mar Liz Claiborne DOM
CH Maximillan Ms Fashion Model
CH Ken Mar Pass The Party Check
Rejoyce's You've Got Mail
Lufra's Taylor Made
Klein and Lufra's Fancy Buffy
Ken Mar As If I'm A Deva
Int CH Nor CH FCH Tankan's Phantom O' The Night PH
Ken Mar Bessie In The Bustle PH
CH Ken Mar Popcorn A Poppin DOM
AM/CAN CH Del Amo's Live'n Itupat Sho-Tym NA
AM/CAN CH Showtime's Born To Win-SOM
AM/CAN/INT CH Showtime's Ruff'n Tumble
CH Showtime's E-Z Duz It
CH Mebo Paris
Del Amo Promises Promises
CH Showtime's Painted Lady
Ch Foxfire ET's Lilybelle Of The Ball
CH Kenmar Thunder Chief-SOM
CH Kenmar's Numero Uno SOM
Ken Mar Wild Heart DOM
Foxfire Twilight Magic
CH Showtime's E-Z Duz It
Foxfire Twilight Rose
Hillside Eureka

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