ET's Papillons, pet sales contract, has been read and agreed upon on this Day _____of___________,________
between Tammy Fortney (Seller) and (Buyer) ________________________________________
residing at ______________________________________________________________________
phone number_____________________________ Email address______________________________

Description of Puppy or Dog sold:

Dog's Name________________________________________________________________
Dog's Call Name_______________________________
The Seller agrees to sell a male/female Papillon Puppy or Dog to Buyer
AKC Registration Number____________________________________
Sire's Name__________________________________________________________________
Sire's AKC Registration Number_________________________________________________
Dam's Name_________________________________________________________________
Dam's AKC Registration Number_________________________________________________
Date of Birth_____________________________________________

Limited registration of the AKC Registration papers, will be issued by the Seller. The Seller will retain registration papers until Buyer provides the proof of spay or neuter from a licensed veterinarian. Buyer must spay/neuter said dog by 1 year of age. The seller has no control over the fees charged by AKC or any determinations made by AKC if said dog is not registered by 1 year of age. If puppy is not spayed/neutered by 1 yr of age or has delivered or sired a litter without the breeder of said dog above giving written consent then puppy and all offspring will be surrendered to original breeder plus any court costs with no refunds to the said buyer above

To be eligible for guarantee buyer must take pup in for vet check within 3 business days of taking possession of pup. If pup has any major health issues during the guarantee period buyer must notify seller immediately and include seller in decision making process. Seller guarantees pup until 1(one) year of age against hereditary or congenital defects that seriously affect the life of the pup. In the event a defect should develop pup is to be returned to the seller at buyers expense and buyer will receive a replacement pup of equal value when one becomes available. The AKC registration papers will need to be signed off by the owner of said puppy or dog . A replacement will only be made after the Seller has been provided with sufficient evidence to justify a replacement. The Seller reserves the right to have said puppy or dog examined by a second veterinarian of their choice. The second veterinarian consult will be paid by the Seller. Proof of up-to-date vet care (vaccinations, routine care etc) will be required. Seller is not responsible for vet care costs while in the possession of the buyer. Puppy is guaranteed healthy for 14 days from the time of placement with buyer (from such things as distemper and parvo). Puppies are sold as pet quality with a spay/neuter contract unless otherwise specified. They are not guaranteed show quality or good breeders or to perform other functions except a companion. Seller is not responsible for any accidents or injuries, physical or internal after the dog leaves the Sellers care and is not covered in the health guarantee.

The Seller is to be notified by the Buyer if he/she cannot keep or care for said puppy or dog for any reason. Seller has first right of refusal. The Buyer agrees to contact the Seller immediately. Seller can also, act as an agent to place said puppy or dog in another good home. Without an express written consent from ET's Papillons, at no time, will the puppy or dog leave the Buyers residence intact for re-sale or replacement. Unless, the puppy or dog is being returned to ET's Papillons. Buyer will get a refund only after said puppy has been re-homed and only what the seller gets for puppy minus any expences.

The dog or puppy's name must have the prefix of "ET's", unless otherwise agreed to by Seller, on it's AKC registration papers.

The purchase price of the puppy or dog will be $__________________, less the non-refundable deposit. The non-refundable deposit amount is: $_____________________. The balance will be due on or before the delivery of the said puppy or dog. There will be additional charges such as; shipping charges, a crate and health certificate. Other additional charges. $___________________________________________________________________________

If any part of this contract needs to be amended both parties will need to read, agree upon and sign any amendments. If either party is forced to take legal action to enforce any apart of this contract, action shall be initiated in the county of the Seller's residence. This is a binding and legal agreement between both parties.